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 PhD_Business Language and Culture 
 MA_Cultural Studies on European Integration 
 BA_Western Society and Culture 
 MA_Intercultural Communication 
Lecture 1_Introduction (Suggestions on your presentation.ppt and Reading materials for seminar are attached)

Update March 21, 2020

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and first download and read "Suggestions on How to do your presentation.pdf". 

Then download and read "von der Leyen_My Agenda for Europe.pdf", "State of the Union.pdf" and "White paper on the future of Europe.pdf". Think about the questions like 'The future of the European Union'. You should also actively collect more materials by yourselves and get prepared for our seminar.

附件【Suggestions on How to do your presentations(tpb).pdf已下载
附件【State of the Union 2018.pdf已下载
附件【von der Leyen_My Agenda for Europe.pdf已下载

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